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Turn yourself on to tunes by Tool

The LA band will shake the foundations of the TD Garden.

It’s one thing to sit at your computer screen, pop on the headphones, and listen to and watch the downright creepy videos by Tool. (Seriously, have you ever checked out the ones for the bizarre “Vicarious” or the alarming “Stinkfist”?)

It’s something else to catch the LA quartet live. Sure, they’ve had extended periods of time off from playing and recording every once in a while. But you can be sure that when they take the stage at the TD Garden as part of the delayed tour that’s celebrating their 2019 album “Fear Inoculum,” they will fill that vast space with sounds combining the dark side of metal with lyrics touching on philosophy, religion, and various social issues. Attending a live Tool concert also pretty much guarantees that you are going to have one very loud, headbanging experience.


The four-time Grammy winners – Maynard James Keenan (vocals), Adam Jones (guitar), Justin Chancellor (bass), Danny Carey (drums) – long ago achieved mainstream status and top spots on the Billboard charts. But they’ve also kept an eccentric edge to some of their music, referencing the thoughts of theorist Carl Jung in the song “Forty Six & 2,” imagining an LSD trip in “Third Eye,” messing around with time signatures and challenging anyone trying to tap their foot along to “Lateralus.”

Fans, of course, know that Tool could just choose to jump into a performance of the mysterious “Eulogy” (no one has yet come up with a convincing answer as to who or what this song is about) to prove that they can easily turn a quietly hypnotic riff into a tumultuous roar – and even keep it melodic. The evening’s opening band is The Acid Helps.

Editor’s note: Tickets are currently sold out but available on secondary markets.

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