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The Gilmour Project brings David Gilmour’s Pink Floyd to Boston

You can see them on the dark side of the moon in May.

I know, I know. You read “The Gilmour Project” and probably thought something along the lines of: “Great, another Pink Floyd tribute act. Aren’t there, like, 12 of those kicking around?” Sure, there are many Pink Floyd tributes. But there is only one Gilmour Project.

Two facts set The Gilmour Project apart from the rest of the pack. Fact one: The Gilmour Project, as you might imagine, is dedicated solely to the music of David Gilmour’s Pink Floyd. So if that’s your favorite flavor of Floyd, you’re in luck. Fact two: The Gilmour Project is populated by top-shelf players Jeff Pevar, Kasim Sulton, Prairie Prince, Mark Karan, and Scott Guberman. This ain’t no bar band; these are professional musicians.


You don’t need me to tell you you’re not seeing Pink Floyd live anytime soon. And last I checked, Gilmour himself isn’t touring in 2022. So you best head to The Wilbur and get into The Project.

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