Celebrate over 20 years of The Decemberists with a show at Roadrunner this summer

The band is set to take the Roadrunner stage on Aug. 21.

The Decemberists. Handout

The Decemberists were set to celebrate 20 years with a tour in 2020. That, of course, got canceled.

But now it’s 2022, and the tour — which is being called, appropriately enough, “ARISE FROM THE BUNKERS!” — is on.

For those who want to see the notoriously eclectic indie rock band live, they’re set to venture into Boston for a show at Roadrunner at 8 p.m. on Aug. 21.

The band’s last release was “I’ll Be Your Girl,” which was out in 2018; this is also their first tour since then. The band hasn’t announced plans for new music.


Back in 2018, the band played The Chicago Theatre, where they apparently exhibited their typical live-show exuberance, including wild set-pieces and audience participation.

“For their Chicago performance, The Decemberists pulled out all the stops and played some of their new singles as well as their most treasured classics,” reviewer Kate Scott wrote in Substream Magazine, noting that the performance was “high energy.” (No surprise there.)

And the two biggest highlights came at the end, one of which was a performance of “Ben Franklin’s Song,” a tune that had been cut from “Hamilton” by Lin Manuel-Miranda. (A song that, had it been included, would have upped the musical’s F-bomb quotient by a factor of at least five.)

“Finally, as the band came back onstage for their second encore, the crowd held their breath as the iconic accordion started up for ‘The Mariner’s Revenge Song,’” Scott wrote. “This, of course, included a massive floating whale terrorizing the audience as the band lay on the stage, dead from the horrendous shipwreck that Meloy sang about.

“For those of you who have yet to see The Decemberists, I promise you: this 12-minute epic is worth the price of admission alone,” she said.


Below, listen to “Ben Franklin’s Song.” (Caution: Lyrics NSFW.)

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