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Join fellow Joan Osborne fans at TCAN

The blues-soul singer continues to perform all sorts of music — and will do just that in Natick this Feb. 18.

Joan Osborne. Courtesy Photo

When it comes to the kind of music she performs, Joan Osborne has never been one to wear a label. Though she’s had only one hit single — the guitar-driven slow-rocker “One of Us,” in 1995 — she’s managed to keep a steady career going by constantly changing lanes.

At different points, she’s been described as a blues singer, a soul singer, and a country artist. She’s dueted with Dylan and with Pavarotti, gone on tour with Phil Lesh & Friends, was a co-headliner on the first Lilith Fair tour, and had a couple of residencies at New York’s Café Carlyle.


Many of those styles and influences are front and center on her newest release, the self-produced “Trouble and Strife” (2020), on which she rocks out (“Hands Off”), gets all funky (“Meat & Potatoes”), reveals a fondness for disco (“Never Get Tired of Loving You”), and touches on some good old Southern soul (“Whole Wide World”).

Hailing from Anchorage, Kentucky, Osborne learned harmony and sang in a madrigal group as a kid, wrote poetry, moved to New York to become a documentary filmmaker, performed some Billie Holiday at an open mike night, and eventually started doing her own songs in blues and rock clubs.

Looking back on her accomplishments in a 2015 interview, Osborne said, “I’m kind of a restless person, at least artistically and creatively. I like so many different things, and I love so many different kinds of music, I’ve been really fortunate to have been welcomed into so many different musical worlds by players that I admire.”

Osborne will bring her unclassifiable talents to TCAN on Feb. 18.

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