Red Sox

Some Green Line passengers got to take a ride with the Red Sox’ World Series trophy

The crowd-pleasing visit was part of the team's annual "Gift of Sox" social media effort.

A young fan taking a picture with the Red Sox's 2018 World Series trophy. MBTA via Twitter

Some Red Sox fans scored a victory ride on the Green Line Wednesday, when passengers were “pleasantly surprised” by the appearance of a fellow T-rider: the team’s most recent World Series trophy, according to a tweet from the MBTA.

The crowd-pleasing visit was part of the team’s annual “Gift of Sox” social media effort, according to Zineb Curran, a spokeswoman for the Sox.

Sox staff brought aboard the prized possession, which the team earned this past October with their win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, at the Kenmore stop by Fenway Park.

From there to Government Center and back, eager supporters were able to be photographed with the 2018 accolade, and photos released by the MBTA show riders of all ages taking up the opportunity.    

Throughout the day, the Sox hosted a variety of other events around the city — and online, the organization granted wishes to fans, including requests for opening day tickets and merchandise.