Watch: White shark feasts on dead whale off of Nantucket

Whale: It's what's for dinner.

A white shark floats upside down after munching on a whale carcass off the coast of Nantucket Saturday. Norm Frazee via Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

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Is there any more magnificent sight than wandering into the office and discovering a surprise spread of bagels and donuts?

A Nantucket man captured footage this weekend of a white shark encountering the marine equivalent of such a serendipitous feast: A huge floating whale carcass.

The following videos contain graphic imagery.

Norm Frazee was out in waters south of Nantucket on Saturday when he shot video of the shark swimming right by the boat. The creature, however, paid the vessel no mind and instead focused on lunch. In another video, the shark swims under the boat after taking another big bite from its meal.


The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared Frazee’s encounter Sunday and confirmed that he spotted a hungry white shark.



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