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Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and Steve Martin in "Only Murders in the Building" Season 2.
Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and Steve Martin in "Only Murders in the Building" Season 2. Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Welcome to’s weekly streaming guide. Each week, we recommend five must-watch movies and TV shows available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and more.

Many recommendations are for new shows, while others are for under-the-radar releases you might have missed or classics that are about to depart a streaming service at the end of the month.

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“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Ever since changing the world of superhero movies forever as the director of 2002’s “Spider-Man” and its two sequels, Sam Raimi has steered away from the caped crusader genre, dabbling in his horror movie roots (“Drag Me To Hell”) and high-profile misfires (“Oz the Great and Powerful”). Now, Raimi has brought his sensibilities back to Marvel with the newest standalone “Doctor Strange” movie, which hit Disney+ last week after a successful theatrical run. The plot is pretty standard Marvel rigamarole — Dr. Strange has to travel across the multiverse to recover a mythical object and fight a not-actually-evil Scarlet Witch while helping a teenager with special powers — but in Raimi’s hands, “Doctor Strange” features directorial choices not seen in any of the preceding 28 MCU films. Its tone is goofy, not snarky. It foregrounds elements of horror instead of interminable bloodless battles. And as Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen makes you truly care about the emotional turmoil she experienced in the Disney+ series “Wandavision,” which is a good series to watch before “Doctor Strange” if you haven’t already.


How to watch: “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is streaming on Disney+.

“Father of the Bride”

A lot has changed about the institution of marriage since Steve Martin’s “Father of the Bride” hit theaters in 1991 (not to mention how much has changed since the 1950 Spencer Tracey original). So it makes sense that HBO Max has dusted off this old chestnut, casting Andy Garcia (“Ocean’s Eleven”) as patriarch Billy Herrera. Even as his marriage to Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) crumbles, Billy struggles to accept his daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona, “Emerald City”) and her plans for an unconventional wedding. While there are fewer laughs than Martin’s 1991 film, 2022’s “Father” makes up for it with a beautiful family dynamic built less on slapstick and more on love.

How to watch: “Father of the Bride” is streaming on HBO Max.


“30 Rock”

Let’s be honest: As much as you love to discover new and interesting movies and shows on Netflix, at least half of the streamer’s value is its ability to let you watch any episode of your favorite show for the umpteenth time with the click of a button. Unfortunately, much like “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” before it, Netflix is losing the streaming rights to NBC’s classic comedy “30 Rock” at the end of July for the foreseeable future. Peacock subscribers can access all three of the aforementioned 2000s NBC hits, but for now, Netflix customers must bid farewell to Night Cheese, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, and dozens of the worst fake TV shows Tina Fey and Co. could dream up.


How to watch: “30 Rock” is streaming on Peacock, and will leave Netflix on July 31.

“Irma Vep”

Olivier Assayas has long been a darling of the film festival circuit, and in recent years has gained broader recognition thanks to directing Kristen Stewart (“Twilight”) in a pair of psychological dramas (“Clouds of Sils Maria,” “Personal Shopper”). Now, Assayas is making the jump to TV by remaking his 1996 film “Irma Vep,” a self-referential film about a director whose grip on reality loosens while he remakes an old vampire film. This time, it’s star Alicia Vikander (“Tomb Raider,” “Ex Machina”) with the perception problems, as the film within a TV show’s lurid plot blurs with her own personal drama.

How to watch: “Irma Vep” is streaming on HBO Max, and new episodes air Mondays at 9 on HBO.

“Only Murders in the Building”

After a fun and thrilling Season 1, Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short are back as the true-crime obsessives of “Only Murders in the Building.” Season 2 finds our true crime podcasters “persons of interest” in another murder in the building. Even with one of them potentially implicated, all three lean hard into their amateur sleuthing instincts. “Only Murders” dials up the meta-comedy this time around, with a character by Tina Fey creating a podcast about the trio’s Season 1 podcast, and another character played by Amy Schumer looking to make a prestige TV show about the whole affair. Even with all the self-referential humor, “Only Murders” doesn’t sacrifice any of the thrilling whodunnit elements, striking a perfect balance for audiences.


How to watch: “Only Murders in the Building” Season 2 is streaming on Hulu.


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