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Designing and Planting Window Boxes And Containers For Winter

Designing window boxes and containers are great ways to bring interesting plants and color to your yard. It’s less difficult to plant a window box in spring, summer or fall, but in winter, it can be a challenge.

One of the ways people fill window boxes around the holiday season is to place cut branches of various plants in the container or window box to make it look full. Typical plants would be evergreens and colored twigs such as yellow and red dogwood. This method works well, but if the weather turns mild during the winter the branches can often turn brown and not look very appealing for many weeks.


In the video below I show you some of the plants one can use in window boxes and containers instead of cut branches. Using live plant material has several distinct advantages. First, the plants can be grown in the container for several years. I like to add annuals for color in the spring and change them out for the summer.

During the warmer months you can place the plants in a landscape setting. This gives you the chance to completely change the containers each season and from year to year.
I the video below you will see me working with the owner of Berry’s Greenhouse.


Richard shows me some of the best plants to use in a small space setting and gives some tips to keep them alive throughout the winter season.

While our setting for this video is a wholesale location, you should check with your local nursery or garden center to find many of these same plants. Be creative!


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