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Where’s the coolest place to watch the sunset in Boston? Share with us.

Why is this spot the best for catching the final moments of daylight?

A helicopter flies over the Prudential Building on the skyline of Boston in 2015. Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis

Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, and in addition to regaining some sleep, you will also get to enjoy the sunset an hour earlier.

For many, sunsets are all about emotion. They hold a place in iconic poems and provide a cinematic backdrop in unforgettable movie scenes. Sunsets provide the perfect setting for a first date or evening picnics in a park. In the fall, the sun setting over a vibrant foliage gives an extra boost of color in the sky.  

Watching the sunset is a perfect way to connect with nature, and it’s good for our mental health, too. Especially during the pandemic, getting outside provides a way to spend some time with friends, family, or even by yourself. We’ve already seen your best summer sunset shots, but now we’re looking for something more.


We want to know where to go for the best sunset views in Greater Boston. Help us pinpoint the spot that has the perfect sunset views, and why it’s the best for catching those final moments of daylight. We also want to see your most spectacular fall sunset photos. Let us know in the survey below or e-mail [email protected]. We may feature your response or photos in an upcoming article.


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